1st place for use of CAD in The National URDD Art, Design & Technology Competition

2nd place in CAD/CAM Category The National URDD Art, Design & Technology Competition

The brief for this A/S level lighting project ‘Luna’ was to ‘Create a lighting product for high end users’.

The spherical shade is made from segmented semi-translucent white acrylic with a no-glue, snap fit assembly. The combination of light plastic and wood gives a quality, modern, and minimalist aesthetic to the product. By using a halogen bulb, the lamp gives a warm, yet vibrant light that when combined with the shade, gives an interesting shadowing affect. An important feature of the product is the 180° rotating curve, allowing the lamp to be directed around the base whilst concealing the external cable behind the design, and to avoid the internal wiring becoming twisted. 

Inspired by extra-terrestrial forms, the lamp features circular, spherical, soft geometry. The internals are made using cross-sectioned MDF to ensure a robust design and a steady curve, and with an external high-quality oak veneer and teak oil finish.