This project was part of a sustainability module group project for the EWB competition 2017. We were set the task of designing an alternative energy source with the consideration of real world problems within a developing country. This country was specified as Lobitos, a coastal town in Peru. The aim of this project was to provide technical solutions to extreme problems within a rural community, considering the potential applications of energy in which ‚Äúreliable electricity, education, water or fresh food cannot be taken for granted”.  

The design selected was the vortex generator for the final concept, with graphics inspired by the national bird of Peru, the Andean cock-of-the-rock. The concept involves the user throwing the product in order to turn a fan powered turbine inside that charges a battery. The battery then powers a work light that will allow children to study and read after dark, by simply turning the device upright to activate the LED tube. The product aims to bring together and settle tensions between locals and surfing tourists and also provides sustainable lighting to poorer locals of Lobitos. It also aims to redevelop the interest of local young people in sustainable living through fun activities. 

Between 2 people playing with the product, each person can throw the product an estimated 5 times a minute. With this, it would then take the two people 10 minutes to each throw 50 times. With a total number of 100 throws in 10 minutes. 10 minutes of activity is enough to generate power for 30 Minutes of light. Therefore, an hour of activity can produce 3 hours of light for homework in the evening. This is also the recommended daily guideline for exercise and is the ideal length of time to spend doing homework, for the best results in school.