The brief for this project was to “Design an environmentally driven piece of furniture for a mail order company, that’s suitable for a 2-5 year old child”.

Given that it is aimed at children, it was important to ensure that it was both ergonomic and interactive, so that the client would get the most out of the product in terms of experience and functionality. The chair had to be very simple to put together, as there are no complex parts, this design is perfect for both parent and child to assemble together as a fun and creative educational activity, and can be customised with colour pencil, paint, chalk (and much more!) for an added experience. The product is also very heavily focused on ergonomics, using anthropometric data to ensure that the chair will be as comfortable as possible. This was a very important factor considered in the design as correct posture is imperative during the early stages of a child’s development.  

One of the challenges faced was that the product has a relativity short life-cycle because of the materials used, and the demographic it’s aimed at posses an above average risk of damage, but as the product is manufactured using inexpensive materials, it is still an emotionally and financially durable product you won’t have to worry about getting messy!

Some of the features of the chair are that it’s made from recycled cardboard, the total thickness when packaged is 2.5 cm, there’s minimal waste material as the packaging is made from the components of the chair, the size of the chair is determined using anthropometric data from 2-5 year old children, and the halved joint structure and design of the chair supports the weight of a full grown man, even when scaled to one-third of the size.