Synergy Medical Technologies Design Award 2019 Nomination

The EXPO Aero is a multi functional bicycle helmet that aims to tackle the frustrations experienced by prospective and existing cyclists in relation to personal safety and navigating complex urban environments; with the overall goal being to incentivise more people to cycle to work. It does this by diverting the cyclist’s attention away from their mobile phone and onto more important things, such as the traffic and the surrounding environment. Integrated bone conduction technology for audible directional cues, and LED lights for automatic indication, simultaneously synced via Bluetooth to a dedicated GPS enabled mobile app, both allow for a less mentally demanding, stressful, and distracting cycling experience.

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This project was completed as my final year coursework, and consisted of four sections, the first of which was the research section. The research section aimed at developing key insights into our target markets latent user needs, with which I could build a solid foundation for my URS, and later PDS. The second section of the project revolved around idea generation, and using the market research findings to divergently create a range of product concepts from incremental to disruptive, then systematically condensing my ideas down to a chosen few. The third stage of the project was development, the main goal of this section was to apply human factors and engineering principles to support the development of the chosen concept into a functional, usable, and desirable 3-dimensional product that can be mass-produced. This included the testing of both human factors and operational features, such user testing and drop testing the helmet using a non-linear dynamic study in Solidworks Simulation, and refinement for manufacturing (both DFM and DFA). Finally, the fourth stage of the project was launch, for this section I created a style board, branding board, and a promotional medium with a ration/emotional appeal that was specifically aimed at the target market/demographic. (see 48 sheet tube poster) and for the full launch rationale see the button below.

48 Sheet Cross Track Tube Advert