Similarly to the Sterkur outdoor project, these renders were completed as part of a university project called ‘design pathways’ – The brief was to independently learn a new piece of software related to design and apply it in a professional setting. This involved researching software(s) in our chosen field, developing our skill using it over 200 hours, and acquiring client(s) to produce work for using our chosen piece of software. The software I chose to learn was Maxon Cinema 4D (A 3D motion graphics, animation, and rendering software) and during the process I also picked up on Clo3D (a virtual fashion design software) and Octane Render (a GPU based render engine for Cinema 4D). My second client (other than Sterkur Outdoor) was the Brighton Product Design ‘New Designers’ Crowdfunding Page Group, who tasked me with creating an intro/outro animation for their featured promotional campaign video that matched their graphic material for the physical stand at New Designers 2019. Pictured below are multiple frames and stills from the project, and the final crowdfunding video (skip to 1:26 to see the clip). Please see the button for the full assignment report below.

Maxon Cinema 4D